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Welcome to the Jackson Family's Website (JFW.)  The mitochondrial-related information at this website can be found by clicking on the link provided near the end of the table that follows my wife's picture.  I have no plans to bring back the MELAS Online Network (MON, the original website located at, a domain I no longer own) or the Mike-L, the Kids-L, or the MitoDoc-L the MON's mito-related listservs.

Karen Ann Jackson (Engle) 1956-1992

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There's a new article in the "JFW Storybook":

"What'll We Do With Harry (Potter)?"
[An excerpt from an Editorial Forum at The Augusta Chronicle website.]

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Westboro Baptist Church

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Karen loved rainbows!

Buyer's Guide To: Vinyl Mobile Home Skirting

This PDF format publication contains information that you need to know before having your mobile home skirted with solid vinyl skirting.  The author was a licensed professional skirting installer for three years and had a close working relationship with, and the endorsement of, Everlock Systems Inc.  He personally developed or adapted fifteen tools specifically for use in installing vinyl skirting, as well as developed unique methods of skirting around the hitch assembly and wind-proofing skirting panels on homes up to 72" (6' feet) above the ground.

This Buyer's Guide was created and published because of the author's concern that mobile home buyers and owners need honest advice, from someone intimately familiar with the industry, to guide them through the purchasing and installation of their home's vinyl skirting.

This publication is available at no cost through our Downloads page in the above table.

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Click on the "WiredPatrol" graphic below to visit the website of an incredible organization that specializes in helping folk to protect themselves and their children from predators on the Internet.

WiredPatrol, the largest Internet help and safety organization in the world

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Here's something that you can use to help keep yourself and your family from watching anything on the television or computer that you might classify as wrong for your particular set of beliefs.

Just print out this page (or select the "WWWW" graphic below alone and print it), trim the graphic to the border and tape it to the front of your television and computer monitor cabinets.

It's not foolproof, but it can help to keep you honest. <smile>

Karen loved rainbows!

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Karen loved rainbows!

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