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Welcome to Mouse's Place! I'm still working on it, but most of it's here already and now it's a website! (Thank you, Dad!)

Roost and relaxation!

I made this! All tings being equal... Welcome to "Mouse's Place".  This is my first try at building a website of my own.  My dad & I are working on it together.  We're sort of a Goof Troop ourselves, except Dad's not so much of a goof as Goofy is.  (I gotta be careful, he's typing this!) I'm getting ready to add new pages to this site, so visit often to see the changes (if I can get Dad to let me on the computer! <grin>)
Tiggerific! I'm twelve years old, and in the seventh grade.  My Dad and I live in Augusta, GA, in the USA.  My Mom was a very special person.  I don't remember much about her, but Dad says that she was a good mom and loved me a lot.  She was the best mom in the world!

I think that the Internet is a really cool thing! I get to surf the 'Net when Dad's not on the computer (which is almost never!), Dad's very particular about where I go on the Internet, but there's more good stuff on it than bad.

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We have a lot of toads around our house. I like animals, science, reading, balsa gliders, model rockets, Legos, Matchbox & Hot Wheels, MicroMachines, catching bugs, playing catch, swimming, drawing, building things, gerbils, cats, mice, dogs, ferrets, frogs, toads, lizards, fish, hand crafts, computers (duh!), astrophysics (NASA), astronomy, Goof Troop, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Winnie the Pooh & Company, Carmen Sandiego, SeaQuest, Star Wars, Star Trek stuff, Babylon 5, Coca-Cola, Pez, pizza, ice cream, and God.
Legomania! I really love Legos! Dad and I collect them from yard sales and flea markets.  We have a few sets and a lot of loose pieces.  One time we built a custom fire station complete with trucks, river, bridge, and cookout area.  The firehouse had two floors and four rooms with the garage, and a rooftop patio with a satellite dish! Dad likes to build space stuff.  He even built a working model of Johnny 5 from the movie "Short Circuit".  I like to build all kinds of stuff, especially vehicles.  I'm thinking of rebuilding the fire station.  Legos are one of my favorite toys (and one of Dad's favorites, too!).

Blub blub blub... Narf!!! We use to have fish, a snapping turtle, and a large snail, but it was too much work and it cost a lot.  Then Dad and I raised mice for a pet shop, and for fun, but we had problems with the musky smell, they were hard to tame, and they caught a virus or something.  We switched to gerbils! Gerbils are healthier, they smell nice, eat less, their habitat stays cleaner a whole lot longer (since they're desert animals, they urinate and defecate a whole lot less), and they love people who are kind to them.  Martin and Gonff (both males) are veryThank you to Karin & Fred van Veen for allowing us to use the graphic!cool! Martin is bolder, while Gonff is a bit more shy.  Dad and I are training them to come to us when we call them.  Dad can get them to climb into his hand for salted sunflower seeds.  I like when we put them on the couch and play "tail-tag" with them.  We gently hold down their tails and say "Tail tag!".  They seem to like playing the game.  We just learned how to get gerbil "kisses", too.  Dad and I each hold a sunflower seed with our lips, and Martin and Gonff come up and take the seeds.  It really tickles! We'd both like to be able to take them places in our shirt pockets.
One time we got to "squirrel-sit" a friend's baby squirrel.  They found it on the ground after a really bad thunderstorm.  We fed him out of a small baby bottle.  He slept on and off, and didn't like sudden movements or noises.  He did like to crawl around on you, though.  I really liked him a lot, and didn't like having to give him back (but we did anyway).  Dad & I have also found baby birds after storms.  One time we even found a small cockatiel at the end of our driveway! He was adopted by a neighbor when the owner couldn't be found.  Dad figured that the storm had blown him away from his home.
Meow-meow Once we found five four-week-old kittens out behind a garage in some junk.  We nursed them over the weekend, and gave them to a place that will find them new homes.  I liked the way that they wiggled their tails and ears when they suckled on the feeder.  They meowed ALL of the time except when they were asleep.  I missed them when we had to give them away.
I don't like violence (except when you get forced to fight for what's right).  I especially don't like yucky or gross computer games, video games, TV shows, movies, books, or people (just kidding about the "people", except for school bullies).

I love science! I love tinkering!
I haven't decided what I want to be when I'm older.  Being a scientist, an astronaut, a pet store owner, an inventor, a computer technician, a zoo keeper, an entomologist (bug scientist), an author, and a paleontologist (dinosaur scientist) all sound like really cool things to be.  I just want to be what ever God wants me to be.

- Mike

Well... Dad helped!

My dad & I raise gerbils & care for stray animals!

Thank you for visiting my webpage!

I like rainbows, too!

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I like rainbows, too!

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